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Yes, scheduled reminders can be set in Jira. Without addons! And yes, you need an addon for time-based ticket control.

So how does the scheduled reminder work natively?

You need 2 things: one  Filter and a filled date field such as due date.

We apply the following filter to open tickets in the "myProject" project with filled in due dates:

project=myProject AND due <= 16h and resolution is EMPTY

This will show all tickets that have a due date in the next 16 hours or are already overdue.

You can subscribe to filters ;  With the function, an email with the filter results is automatically sent at a selected interval - that's exactly the function we need!

Here we set that, for example, an email is sent every morning at 8:00 a.m. to the recipient with the filter results of our filter mentioned above.

viola  - we only get notifications every morning about tickets that are due today or tickets that are already overdue.

This function can also be implemented with your own date fields such as "Reminder" or "Project end" etc.

Questions? - !

Jira and timed actions

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